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Thursday, May 7, 2015

D. Aitch - Werkin (@ssk_DH)

Dh lets us know how the grind has updated.. Still at gas stations servin the people!!!!!!!!!!!!! TheVilleUnited

Curren$y - Long as the Lord Say

One of our favorite songs in the world right now. Salute Curren$y and go get his latest itunes release Even More Saturday night Car tunes on itunes

Jon Thicklin - Lean x Weed ft Sizzle, Moss Da Beast prod by Yella Tha OG

"Never A Dull Moment" drops soon. This is one of the lead singles from the upcoming Livemixtapes featured projec from Thicklin... Push play and imagine being lit even if you dont smoke or drink.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This is the beginning to a big year for the label Beast Mode Music Group. Shot by @ifc_exex

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Get to Know Swisha Lee Newest #BMMG artist

Born Justin Lee Custer April 29, 1986 in Nashville, TN he's not your typical southern rapper raised in the mean streets of Ca$hville,Ten-A-Key. Influenced by a fatherless broken home and a strong hardworking mother. He was brought up in a violent, drug plagued, and deep seeded racial tension filled atmosphere. His mother worked 3 jobs to care for him alone so no father figures present he was raised by the men and his peers on the corners taught to grind by any means necessary cautious of all law enforcement all elements of his music.After getting into drug related trouble his senior year of high school causing him to abandon a promising football career he decided to pursue his musical talents. To get a front row seat to his story you don't have to dig deep its all a foundation in his music. He always wanted to be set apart as a unique artist unlike the typical Dope Boy image of his counterparts throughout the city. He showed traits of musical talent at an early age when he started out singing in the church choir. God is never absent when it comes to his music Swisha believes his gift is from God and he wants to glorify him by putting out positive music. Swisha is often dubbed as a hip hop head with an east coast sort of style. He was brought up in a home with an appreciation for all different types of musical genres hence his unique and versatile wordplay. Swisha Lee is an artist with a vision painting vivid pictures with words a true street poet also a father he's passionate when it comes to social consciousness which is the key formula to his music. No trendy bubble gum rap when it comes to his music you will get nothing but real, raw and uncut wordplay along with a dose of rider music. He's opened up for Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Flavor Flav & Kurtis Blow, Crucial Conflict and was given an on the spot opportunity by Shock G to perform live on stage with Digital Underground playing live instruments behind him on a freestyle open mic Swisha said it was the closest he would get to meeting the late Tupac Shakur Pac being his greatest musical influence he told Shock it was an honor performing with the guys that birthed a worldwide legend. Being from music city Swisha says music and culinary arts are all hes ever been good at now based in Charlotte, NC for culinary arts he can whip you up a mean dish of your favorite food then spit a mean 16 about a real life situation. He will be releasing his highly anticipated solo debut project "The Euphoria EP" produced by Yella Tha O.G. along with a bonus track by French producer Fair'son very soon. Swisha Lee is currently independently signed to Beast Mode Music Group under the close management of CEO and fellow artist Moss Da Beast he plans to drop his EP sometime late January early February a release date has not been officially announced but this piece of art is sure to not to disappoint and will be worth the wait vividly painting a blueprint of reaching euphoria and bliss as well as his story and testimony. Swisha is also an affiliate and close friend of OpiumDen/MusikHead Group.

"They ask me what inspires me.First and foremost Almighty Jah  the Great Architect of the entire universe if it weren't for Him none of this would be possible. My mother because she knows my story better than anyone. My daughter because she changed my life and my newly announced unborn child because he or she woke me up in the midst of a revolution, a movement and a vision I can't wait to meet my little soldier. So yeah that is what inspires me to do what I do."

~Swisha Lee